Storytlr is an open source lifestreaming and micro blogging platform. You can use it for a single user or it can act as a host for many people all from the same installation.

Why use storytlr?

Bring your content together

  • Import your web 2.0 life
    Pick your sources and they will appear as a lifestream directly on your site. We currently support the following services:

  • Post anything you want
    In just a few simple steps you can update your status, share a song you liked, give your opinion or link to an interesting site.

Mashup your data into stories

  • Tell your stories in a new way
    Photo albums are old school! Pick your sources, start and end date and your story is good to go. If necessary you can tweak it for a better flow.

Reinvent your homepage

  • Choose your own style
    Pick from a range of compelling templates that are easy to customize.

  • No prominent service branding
    It is all about you, so you will not find big logos or fixed brand colors on storytlr.

  • Pick or use your own domain name
    By default you get a site on our storytlr.com domain, but you are free to use any domain you want.


What did others think of Storytlr:

“They've done a fantastic job with both concept and implementation.” - ReadWriteWeb
“Put it all together, and youʼve got a serious competitor to Tumblr and other lifestreaming applications.” - Mashable
“Storytlr remains a unique service among so much social media noise.” - Ars Technica
“This is a cool and different visual approach to lifestreams.” - TheNextWeb

The team

Storytlr is not a startup, just a fun project that we are building during our free time. We are a two people team, based in Belgium & The Netherlands: Laurent Eschenauer (eschnou) is our PHP Wizard and Alard Weisscher (alardw) the CSS Ninja.

If you have cool ideas or want to get your hands dirty with code, you are invited to join the lively community contributing to Storytlr. A big thank you to everyone who already helped us improve Storytlr!